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Credentialed alternates may take the place of credentialed delegates during any business meetings, provided such changes are recorded by the Chairman of the Credentials SubCommittee.
As an unintended consequence, a few hundred people who joined the district's teacher training programs - the District Intern Program and Los Angeles Teaching Fellows - are without jobs because openings go first to credentialed teachers.
By comparison, credentialed teachers in California as a group, have significantly higher levels of education and experience than their uncredentialed counterparts.
The center uses a recruiting database called ED-JOIN to compile a list of credentialed teachers who are then referred to the school districts, said Vicky Limon, a spokeswoman for the center.
The basic premise of the legislation was to provide additional funds to recruit, retain and induce fully credentialed teachers to want to teach at what some might consider more challenging assignments,'' said Rick Grove, director of personnel services.
The United Teachers Los Angeles is a case in point, blaming the current shortage of credentialed teachers on low salaries, and citing the number of uncredentialed teachers in private schools as a case against vouchers.
OPTIONS is aggressively interested in improving the process in which the providers are credentialed.
The same message is embraced by teachers unions with the implicit nuance that more fully credentialed teachers will translate into more dues-paying members and more political influence.
PacifiCare is always interested in improving the process in which the providers are credentialed.
In the Los Angeles Unified School District, there are basically three ways to teach - credentialed (professional, clear or preliminary), intern and emergency.
Finding and attracting credentialed teachers is a major challenge faced throughout the state.
To suggest that incentives aimed at encouraging credentialed teachers to serve in the lower performing 50 percent of schools will reach only a ``scant number of instructors'' when 300,000 credentialed teachers are needed is wrong on two points.