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n the ability to imagine and create through innovation and synthesis.

Patient discussion about creativity

Q. are there any good sides in ADHD? I heard that ADHD kids are more creative then others, can it be or someone was just messing with me...

A. They are very creative. I think it's because they get all that information from all around so they connect it differently then everyone else. if you take that quality and connect it with high levels of energy - you can get a good problem solver. I have ADHD and i work as an electronic engineer. And I’m good at it ;)

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The gallery is the only one of its kind that gives people with mental health problems the chance to share their creativeness with the rest of the world and opens up the issue of mental health to the wider public, breaking down myths and barriers.
The illustrations are captivating and they show how the workshops the children attended have brought out their creativeness.
Students of design, architecture, art and all those who have a vision, desire and knowledge, can show their creativeness at this contest.
Legislation will oppress the creativeness of the individual, take away our childrens rights to be educated at home.
Al-Khoza'i, playwright Al-Shihabi's new play is one of the most remarkable plays in terms of its concept, quality, techniques and creativeness.
We became very strong in the second half and turned things around but individual brilliance and the creativeness of Chelsea unlocked our defence and settled the game.
To celebrate all of this creativeness and our arrival on the inspiration mecca, Instagram, we are giving one lucky grand prize winner a Jordana Paige bag.
Population served, ROI, Creativeness and Overall Educational Value.
In terms of his creativeness Diniyar has stagnated," Bilyaletdinov said.
In a statement Hitesh Ojha, deputy general manager, Panasonic Marketing Middle East, said, "With Panasonic's G series of Lumix cameras photographers can enjoy a new level of freedom, mobility and creativeness.
And all of our pivots in Tim Smith, John and, in particular, Kyle Wood showed we have some real creativeness.