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Watson and Creasy performed most strongly among this group; Flint was relatively weak, picking up only six of her 43 nominations.
Ms Creasy called for better competition laws to help get energy bills down and improve choice and the ease of switching high street bank accounts.
Prior to join the company, Creasy served as a Chief Executive Officer of Kiln plc and latterly Chairman of the Kiln Group from 2001 to 2010 and has been a Director of the Lloyd's Franchise Board.
But then, most imbeciles wouldn't dream of marching up to Stella Creasy in a pub, say, and informing her they were going to rape her at 9pm outside her house (as one tweet did).
One message sent to Creasy under the user name @rapey1 said: "I will rape you tomorrow at 9pm.
Of the group hoping to restore greyhound racing, Creasy added: "I trust these business people to put their money where their mouth is, they wouldn't be wanting to invest if they didn't think they could make it work.
Creasy grows cherry tomatoes over an entry trellis and trains squash over a patio arbor.
Creasy reluctantly accepts the assignment and he surprises himself by striking up a tender friendship with Pita.
Creasy is hired by industrialist Samuel Ramos (Marc Antony) and his beautiful wife Lisa (Radha Mitchell) to protect their precocious nine- year old daughter Pin a (Dakota Fanning), an assignment which fills the American trained assassin with dread.
We primarily use the devices for temperature verification to better understand the conditions our products undergo, and to verify that our process equipment is working properly," explains Stacy Creasy, Technical Director for National Raisin.
Kenda Creasy Dean, assistant professor of youth, church and culture at Princeton Seminary in New Jersey, was plenary speaker for the youth ministry training track.
316 before being bumped out of the 16-car field by Dale Creasy Jr.