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AN investigation has been launched into the collapse of MG Rover, amid claims that directors creamed off pounds 40million.
Just 10 years ago, few businesses would have lost sleep over workers in the developing world who toiled for a pittance while fat cats creamed off the profits.
This can be directly attributed to the millions of pounds it took to set up this ridiculous piece of legislation - and now the millions which get creamed off by shareholders.
But he said he would oppose moves to disaffiliate from Labour and pledged to campaign against company fat cats "who creamed off millions.
Surely the reason so many old people live in poverty, why homes are closing and our hospitals are in a state is because the funds needed are creamed off by the rich.
Alisdair Aird, editor of the guide, said: "Pub- goers everywhere but Lancashire are having their money creamed off like the froth on top of a pint.
I know Camelot creamed off a lot of cash for themselves but they did make the Lottery the world's most successfully run for the last four years.