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This study demonstrates that proximal and distal application of TEAS in combination with standard TIVA for supratentorial craniotomy may reduce drug requirements and improve postoperative recovery (including pain levels) without additional side effects.
A plain CT scan of the brain had already been done at the referring hospital and an emergency craniotomy was warranted as a life-saving procedure to drain the SDH.
Returning to craniotomy, he concludes that its moral evil arises not merely from the doctor's final intention, nor from the physical implications of the act of skull-crushing, but because of the incompatibility of the intended order and the chosen act's intrinsic order.
The patient underwent bifrontal craniotomy that included superior part of the frontal sinuses.
A major advantage is that the minimally invasive surgery busted the clot without the potentially injurious side effects associated with craniotomy, Hanley said.
Healthcare workers at the hospital were unable to locate the original bone flap that had been removed during Simmons' January 2007 craniotomy.
We found that the percentage of Asian discharges was positively associated with only one of the IQIs--a 10percentage-point increase in Asian discharges was associated with a 24% increase in the rate of inpatient mortality for craniotomy.
He underwent an initial craniotomy, in which the skull is opened to gain access to the brain, for assessment of the extent of the tumour.
He will first undergo a craniotomy, in which the skull is opened to access the brain.
It is important to differentiate the intra- and suprasellar meningioma from the pituitary adenoma, because craniotomy is done for meningioma (4), whereas a trnssphenoidal route is preferred for most pituitary adenomas.
The report said the craniotomy was improperly done and in the wrong place and stitching up the SSS injury was not possible.
Two respected Italian moralists went so far as to argue in favor of a fatal craniotomy performed on the fetus to save the life of the mother.