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Chordomas are malignant tumors originating from embryonic notochord remnants in the craniospinal axis, mostly the sacrococcygeal (50 percent) and the spheno-occipital regions (35 percent), though 15 percent can occur in the true vertebrae.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Complete Craniospinal Neuro navigation set Image Guidance System (IGS) for the year 2017-18
Primary santral nervous system (CNS) lymphoma is a rare form of non-Hodgin's lymphoma that develops within the craniospinal axis and causes less than 5% of all primary brain tumors.
Occasionally, intracranial or craniospinal disseminations can occur.
The largest area was immediately dorsal to the foramen magnum and craniospinal column junction.
COMPLEX Seanin has since had two major and very complex surgeries - Craniospinal Fusion and Tethered Cord Release.
Sirenomelia and craniospinal defect originate much earlier in pregnancy.
Metachronous secondary atypical meningioma and anaplastic astrocytoma after postoperative craniospinal irradiation for medulloblastoma.
This treatment can be combined with intrathecal chemotherapy and craniospinal radiotherapy.
It is designed for typical proton craniospinal radiotherapy treatments such as whole brain lateral fields combined with PA spine fields due to the attenuation being constant throughout the device.
Impact of craniospinal dose, boost volume, and neurologic complications on intellectual outcome in patients with medulloblastoma.
The first clinical treatment generated with the help of RayStation was carried out in January 2015 and the first patient was a four-year-old boy with a malignant brain tumour who received radiation therapy for the entire craniospinal volume.