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Biological Anthropological Aspects of the African Diaspora: Geographic Origins, Secular Trends, and Plastic versus Genetic Influences Utilizing Craniometric Data.
According to our knowledge, this is the first craniometric study of congenital bilateral blind people.
Craniometric analysis was done, but, given the plastic distortion and postmortem breakage, many of the measurements were estimates, further supporting the decision to use a more reliable method of determination and description of population variation, the dentition.
New World nectar-feeding bats: biology, morphology and craniometric approach to systematics.
They use wild suid craniometric data from Israel to demonstrate that there can be marked variations in wild pig populations across geographic ranges.
Craniometric Comparations and Phylogenetic Implications>>.
Craniometric Variation and the Settlement of the Ameritas: Testing Hipothesis by Jeans of R-Matrix and Matriz Correlation Analyses.
Genetic Characterization and phylogenetic relationships between Ateles species (Atelidae, Primates) by means of DNA microsatellite markers and craniometric data.
Pietrusewsky, Michael 1979 Craniometric variation in Pleistocene Australian and more recent Australian and New Guinea populations studied by multivariate procedures, AIAS, Canberra(Occasional Papers in Human Biology 2).
In the case of the trichion, a cephalometric point dependent on the hairline, later tissue-depth tables have replaced it with the craniometric landmark metopion or supraglabella.
In Rolf Hochhuth's Der Stellvertreter (1963) a certain Professor Hirt from the Reichsuniversitat Strassburg provides the image of the Nazi scientist who commissions skulls from the soldiers at the Eastern front in his quest to prove 'scientifically' the superiority of the Aryan race through craniometric measurements.