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Cerebral retrograde injection has even been shown to be impossible in humans (35), in agreement with the lack of cerebral symptoms during clinical use of cranially directed catheters in the present study.
29] Gibbs, Lennox, and Gibbs described the importance of using proper technique to insert the needle as cranially as possible in the jugular bulb to reduce the likelihood of extracerebral contamination.
Letterman dropped junk from 20 stories up just to watch it explode on impact, crushed stuff in an industrial vice to revel in its implosion, and introduced to the world Calvert DeForest, a pudgy, talent-free performer who many initially feared was cranially challenged thanks to his barking out his lines like a poorly trained seal.
The characteristic pattern of the species is visible cranially by day 10, and within three days, the rows of spots extended laterally and over the length of the dorsum.
1, part A), and the posterior rectus sheath was cranially incised (forward) to allow one finger to go through easily.
On evaluation of the radiographic images, the mass origin was not detectable in the coelomic cavity, although the liver appeared displaced dorsally (lateral view) and cranially (ventrodorsal view) (Fig 1).
The thoracic duct arises from the cisterna chyli in the right abdomen, crosses the diaphragm, and courses cranially just right of the midline.
Traction, of up to 6 kg cranially and 7 kg on each leg, was applied gradually and under continuous neurological supervision.
It revealed a long tract extending from the skin surface and traveling up posteriorly and cranially, entering the lateral wall of the oropharynx in the tonsillar bed.
A 2 cm median incision was made through the skin, beginning caudal to the prepuce and extending cranially.