cranial vault

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an arched or domelike structure; see also fornix.
cranial vault calvaria.


(nū'rō-krā'nē-ŭm), [TA]
Those bones of the cranium enclosing the brain, as distinguished from the bones of the face.
[neuro- + G. kranion, skull]

cranial vault

Obstetrics The bones that form the movable part of the fetal skull–bones–2 frontal, 2 parietal, occipital, and mold themselves to the ♀ birth canal, allowing passage of a cephalic-presenting infant
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The operation performed, classified as one of spring cranioplasty (SC), cranial vault reconstruction (CVR), fronto-orbital advancement (FOA) and posterior vault cranioplasty (PVC).
While Ani's facial features appeared normal, she had a tiny cranial vault with overlapping sutures.
Cranial vault defects result from trauma, infection, tumor ablation or cerebral decompression procedures.
3,4) Carious and misplaced teeth, (4) and patchy sclerosis of the cranial vault with associated moderate supraorbital prominence and prognathism are features that have been reported in Pyletype metaphyseal dysplasia.
It is important to note that plagiocephaly is defined as being mild, moderate or severe depending on the differences in length of the cranial vault.
Although helpful in differentiating normal and abnormal pressures inside the cranial vault, ICP technology is limited because it measures just one parameter.
CN IX-XI exit the cranial vault through the jugular foramen, whereas CN XII leaves from the hypoglossal canal close to the occipital condyle.
The solution is a simple, yet powerful treatment of releasing the SBS joint's soft tissue in the cranial vault.
According to the team's study, the size of the modern man's cranial vault has increased by more than one centimetre since medieval times.