Cranberry Juice

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The juice of the American cranberry—Vaccinium macrocarpon—has a long tradition for treating urinary tract infections, an effect attributed to inhibition of attachment of bacterial pili to transitional mucosa, and to hippuric acid, which inhibits bacterial growth in urine
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An examination of the anti-adherence activity of cranberry juice on urinary and nonurinary bacterial isolates.
The results of a 2012 meta-analysis concluded that adults who consumed cranberry juice on a regular basis were 38% less likely to develop symptoms of UTI, and the juice was more effective than cranberry capsules or tablets (Wang et al.
Although in some studies there were small benefits for women suffering from recurring infections, women would have to consume two glasses of cranberry juice per day for long periods to prevent one infection.
Preliminary research also shows that drinking cranberry juice daily may increase levels of HDL, or good cholesterol and reduce levels of LDL, or bad cholesterol.
The data reported in the paper "Impact of Cranberry Juice and Proanthocyanidins on the Ability of Escherichia coli to Form Biofilms," was published online, ahead of print, Oct.
In a double-blind trial, elderly women who drank 10 ounces (300 ml) of cranberry juice per day had a decrease in the amount of bacteria in their urine.
Old Orchard Brands introduces Cranberry Naturals, a line of naturally sweetened cranberry juice blends.
Striking a possible blow against some home remedies, recent studies suggested echinacea is not beneficial in treating the common cold and cranberry juice does not help stave off urinary tract infections.
Cranberry juice contains compounds that stop bacteria building up.
SAINT: Cranberry juice, No Added Sugar, Healthy Living, Tesco, 4 cals per 100ml
NEW YORK -- One beverage that fits right in with drug chains' health care positioning is cranberry juice.
It's a little on the tart side, which some may not like, but personally it's my preference when it comes to cranberry juice.