cracked heels

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cracked heels

dermatitis in the hollow between the heels occurring most commonly in the hindlimbs. Causes quite severe lameness as the horse is first moved but improves quickly. Site is smelly, wet and tender. Caused by constant wetness and dirty stables. May be infected with Fusobacterium necrophorum. See also greasy heel.

Patient discussion about cracked heels

Q. anyone knows how to stop hard skin on the feet from becoming cracked??? during summer my feet got lots of hard skin and in the heel area the skin actually got cracked kinda deep. it hurts now and the cracks are starting to get infected I guess... do u guys know how to solve this?? I know there are some creams for that but I thought maybe now it's too late for that and I need something stronger?

A. There are good creams for moisterizing the skin of your feet on a daily basis, however now that you feel they might be infected you should see a dermatologist for some better treatment.

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As long as we take appropriate measures to protect our feet from common ailments such as blisters, corns, bunions and cracked heels, British women should continue to be unstoppable, keep calm and carry on," says Sandra Chatelain, a COMPEED[sup.
Repair for Cracked Heels is a daily treatment to repair damaged tissue and rebuild the skin's protective layers to banish painful dry, cracked heels.
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This miracle product not only saved faces (the peeling stopped within days) but, when used on cracked heels (barefoot much?
Apollo's Thera lotions help maintain healthy skin, providing superior moisturizing aid to skin affected by moderate to severe conditions such as general dryness, xerosis, ichthyosis, atopic dermatitis, cracked heels, scaliness, chapped or cracked hands, as well as the itching (pruritus) and discomfort associated with these conditions.
One product that treats everything from diaper rash to stretch marks, from split cuticles to cracked heels, from skin irritations to dry skin.
Regular pedicures can be costly, so here we show you how to rid yourself of those embarrassing cracked heels, dry skin and chipped toenails.
99, Superdrug, works wonders on ageing skin, scars and stretch marks, plus it's great on any dry areas (like cracked heels or sunburn during summer).
Phase+ is infused with anti-microbial ingredients to help prevent skin care problems like cracked heels and ultra-dry skin from becoming a larger problem for diabetics.
Dry and cracked heels and hands are always a give away to a woman''s age.