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An annual herb, the seeds of which contain saponins; it is analgesic, astringent, expectorant, laxative, and a secretagogue. It has been used for abscesses, chronic cough, headaches, menstrual disorders, paraesthesias, poor lactation in nursing mothers, and strokes
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He therefore engages the bulls and the cowherds in battles (63.
25, 32) denote unmarried girls and daughters (kanya, kanyaka) of the cowherds (gopa), (6) while nava yauvana (63.
58ab Embodied on earth--their beings ascended to Govinda, the cosmic self--the wives of the cowherds have reached the supreme?
28), and explicitly the wives (dara) of the cowherds in Vraja, the men who imagine their women by their sides all along (10.
18) as two separate nouns in the accusative, the verse could also be translated: "Gathering together the young women and the daughters of the cowherds .
Because the story depicts simple cowherd women enjoying intimate contact with Krsna without knowing he is God, scholars have often viewed the gopls and their spontaneous love as proof that bhakti is a democratizing force allowing all people, regardless of caste or gender, unmediated access to divinity and deliverance from samsara.
The fact that cowherd women are seduced and goaded on by God himself legitimizes all of this and--at the least--applies a strong counterbalance to a confining social order.
18 Gathering together the adolescent cowherd girls and honoring youth, the Knower of Time rejoiced with them in the night.
24 [Though] hindered by fathers, brothers, and mothers alike, those cowherd women fond of pleasure seek Krsna in the night.
What is most remarkable about this brief passage, especially when compared to the later puranic versions, is that Krsna gathers the "adolescent cowherd girls" specifically (yuvatyo gopakanyah, 63.
would then be taken in reference to these initial "youthful cowherd girls.
Earlier this week the manager of an old drinking haunt of mine, The Cowherds in Southampton, threw four mums and their babies out because he couldn't cope with "women, babies and their emotions".