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Oocytes of the same group were then placed on a glass slide and squashed with coverslips to visualize the GV.
microvascular endothelial cells (PMVECs) were seeded on 35mm round coverslips in 6-well dish plates and incubated for 24 hours (cells attained 70-80% confluence).
He or she does not need expensive laboratory equipment, as a microscope, microscope glass slides, coverslips and a micropipette suffice.
virginica hemolymph was withdrawn, the hemocytes rapidly formed clumps that adhered to glass microscope coverslips.
Slides can be kept on trays in a refrigerator until class time or a coat of clear nail polish can be applied around the edge of the coverslip to preserve the slide.
Test articles are placed in a Petri dish where the surface is inoculated and covered with a glass coverslip.
A small amount of hazel pollen, together with some glycerine jelly was mounted on a microscopic slide with a coverslip on top (cf.
We scored 1,000 interphase nuclei per coverslip in triplicate for micronuclei or nuclear buds.
A sterilized cover slip was carefully inserted at an angle of about 45- into a solidified medium in a petridish so that half of the coverslip was in the medium.
4 and immediately covered with a large coverslip (24mm><50mm; Corning Glass Works, Corning, NY).
The mixture is covered with a coverslip and sealed with Vaseline or fingernail polish to prevent the exchange of oxygen with the outside environment.
Finally, the sections were mounted and covered with a coverslip and viewed under x10, x20, and x40 magnification.