cover screw

cover screw,

n a screw placed on the superior part of a dental implant immediately after it is placed in the bone, completely covering the top of the implant and sealing it off from bone and other debris during the healing and integration period. The screw is removed at the beginning of the next phase of the implant process, when the abutment that will hold the new tooth is placed.
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Cover screw heads with putty and paint to match antlers.
The PolyPod emulator cover screws down over the base and has pins on the top that can either go to an emulator or an interconnect board.
When the desiccant is replaced, some of you are being especially rough on the cover screws, NSN 1240-01-267-8162.
But don't try to secure the connector by over-tightening the access cover screws.
If you have trouble with the console cover screws disappearing or you often have to remove the cover, use hook and pile to secure the cover.