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Denoting an interatomic bond characterized by the sharing of 2, 4, or 6 electrons.


Denoting an interatomic bond characterized by the sharing of two, four, or six electrons.


The sharing of electrons between two atoms, which bonds the atoms.
covalent (-ĕnt), adjective
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Multiple virtual hosts provision: Covalent provides a generous license agreement based on a one license per server requirement; helping control costs, while allowing the hosting of multiple secured sites on each server.
is that the authors cannot prove they are measuring the rupture of covalent bonds.
This patent is the first to issue from an extensive collection of patent applications filed by Avila and conceived to cover ownership of the Avilomics platform, the structures of large classes of targeted covalent drugs, and the specific therapeutic candidates under development by Avila and its partners.
The opportunity to combine the engineering know-how, manufacturing capabilities and reputation Covalent has developed over the past 96 years with what CoorsTek has developed over the past 104 represents a significant industry milestone and one that greatly contributes to attaining our vision to make the world measurably better.
The research has demonstrated that covalent drugs can be designed and targeted to irreversibly and covalently bond to molecular domains specific to proteases.
Covalent Software is the UK market leader for Performance Management software in the public sector and healthcare.
Support from the Linux community and our partners is critical to the success of our multiprocessor technology, and it is clearly evident from the level of commitment we have received from Covalent and Zeus Technology," said Richard Heye, vice president of Platform Engineering and Infrastructure for AMD's Computation Products Group.
Many important and widely-used medicines work through a covalent mechanism of action," commented Juswinder Singh, PhD, Avila's Chief Scientific Officer and lead author on the publication.
David Williams, MD, MBA, immediate past-president of the American Society of Retina Specialists, serves on the Advisory Board for Covalent Medical.
More recently, Gilman has found that the reasons for silicons hardness apply to other covalent solids, including silicon carbide, which is used in abrasives.
Singh is among several experts in the field of medicinal chemistry who will discuss the design and development of covalent drugs to irreversibly inhibit key disease targets such as proteases and protein kinases with the ability to increase potency, minimize off-target effects and retain activity against mutations by maximizing selectivity.
Covalent Technologies to Provide OpenLogic Customers With Enterprise-Grade Support for the Apache Web Server and the Apache Tomcat Application Server