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Surface of the casting should be completely wetted by couplant.
Varying amounts of a "concentrate" of 10% couplant in the same surrogate liquid are added during the procedure until the optimum couplant concentration in the "compound" is identified by maximum volume fraction, or "packing fraction.
In the second technique, distilled water, which has a lower viscosity than that of commercial contact gel, was utilized as a couplant.
3 shows the setup for measuring relative ultrasonic wave speed and apparent attenuation by the immersion through-transmission method using water as a couplant.
The material being inspected is its own transducer, eliminating the need for liquid couplant.
Unfortunately, standard transducers cannot be used to inspect gas pipelines because standard transducers need a liquid or gel couplant to get enough of a return signal to measure the pipe wall thickness.
The major problem in using ultrasound inspection in gases without a liquid couplant is that the back wall reflection is so small that it cannot be detected with standard ultrasonic transducers.
Comparative Study of Organofunctional Water-Borne Silanes as Couplants in Nylon-66 Composites (M.
It is the intent of the City of Columbus, Division of Sewerage and Drainage to obtain bids for the one-time purchase of ten (10) Clamp-on Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flowmeters for Liquids including transducers, clamping fixtures, transducer cables and couplants.
Sonotech and Echo make ultrasound couplants that are used in industrial non-destructive testing.
The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Seattle, alleges that Echo's industrial ultrasound couplants, advertised as containing an effective rust inhibitor and being ideal for use on steel, actually have corrosion properties that vary significantly within the batch, and from batch to batch, and cause corrosion of steel under certain conditions.
The Curlin-Air portable airborne ultrasonic flaw detector eliminates the need for material contact or liquid couplants.