counts per minute

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counts per minute (cpm)

a measure of the rate of ionizing emissions by radioactive substances.

counts per min·ute

(cpm) (kownts pĕr mińŭt)
Colloquial expression for number of times something (e.g., heartbeat) happens within a 60-second duration.
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LANDAY: What we get is the counts per minute in stimulated [cells] over counts per minute in unstimulated [cells] and that creates the formula for calculating SI.
The larger detection arrays-monitor-any radioactivity via a microprocessor that displays alarms on a CRT screen or sends them to a digital or analog meter that records radiation counts per minute.
One of the most important contributions of this research was the provision of cut-points for quantifying time spent in MVPA based on the rates of accelerometer activity counts per minute among persons with MS.
The researchers defined a sedentary bout as any period that lasted 5 or more minutes during which the accelerometer recorded less than 100 counts per minute.