counts per minute

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counts per minute (cpm)

a measure of the rate of ionizing emissions by radioactive substances.

counts per min·ute

(cpm) (kownts pĕr mińŭt)
Colloquial expression for number of times something (e.g., heartbeat) happens within a 60-second duration.
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We set the epoch to 15 s for flexibility during data analysis, and activity counts were expressed as the average counts per minute (counts-min-1) across the 6 min periods of walking.
The studies' findings were opposite to the findings of the current study in that a significant moderate inverse relationship was reported between body fat and accelerometer counts per minute in adolescent girls.
Average activity volume in the participants, calculated as accelerometer counts per minute (cpm), was 238, and time spent in moderate to vigorous physical activity (based on an established cut point of 2,100 cpm that equates to approximately 2-5 miles per hour) averaged 21 minutes daily for both men and women, reported Ms.
Surgeons defined a sentinel node as "any node that was clinically suspicious, was blue, had blue afferent, or had 10% of the counts per minute of the highest node removed ex vivo," said Dr.