counting fingers

counting fingers (CF) 

A method of recording vision in patients who are unable to identify any optotype on an acuity chart. If a patient correctly counts the numbers of the examiner's fingers shown, this is recorded with the distance at which it is performed.
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There was also publication on 5 patients with Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON) treated in SCOTS with visual acuity gains on the Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study (ETDRS) of up to 35 letters with Snellen acuity improvements from hand motion to 20/200 and from counting fingers to 20/100.
21%) of the eyes just retained visual acuity of not more than counting fingers and 126(11.
Mean pre op BCVA was counting fingers (CF) and mean post op value of BCVA was 3/60.
Best-corrected vision acuity was counting fingers at 1 meter in the right eye and 8/10 in the left eye.
WHO) Disability Grade EHF score Signature of assessor Muscle power: S = Strong W = Weak P = Paralysis W = Weak Score of vision: counting fingers at 6 meters 0 = Normal 1 = Blurring vision 2 = Unable to count fingers Sensory Testing Date / Palm Assessor RIGHT LEFT Date / Sole Comments Assessor RIGHT LEFT Key: (Put these marks/icons on the site where lesion is seen) [check] Sensation Present within 3 cm S Contracture (x) Wound Crack Scar/Callus Shortening Level x Anaesthesia
In 91% cases initial best corrected visual acuity was not better than counting fingers.
Visual acuity (VA) in the left eye was counting fingers with no afferent pupillary defect (APD).
An unfavorable final vision was viewed as vision worse than that used in counting fingers (Table 6).
Visual acuity varied from 20/25 to counting fingers only.
Extensions: Playful number/ counting activities, such as singing nursery rhymes, grouping objects, and counting fingers and toes, can be an excellent way to capitalize on the video experience.
Mathematical knowledge has traditionally been thought of as the "acquisition" of problem-solving strategies that include counting fingers, verbal counting, decomposition, and retrieval.