1. Denoting a state of actual preference, on the part of a phobic person, for the very situation of which that person is afraid.
2. Opposed to the phobic impulse, as in counterphobic mastery of a feared action by repeated engagement in the action.
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Gilgamesh departs on a frantic counterphobic search for immortality.
You'd have thought a spell of pokey should have seen the counterphobic Jeb rush straight to Rikers Island to beg for a claustrophobic cell with Axe Killer McMurty, but no.
nostalgia is not often a counterphobic attitude toward the past,
208) According to James Hepburn, boys and men who have been abused "defend against their feelings of vulnerability through a comportment of self-reliance, detachment and self-denial," counterphobic activities often linked to excessive activity, aggression and antisocial behavior.
I was terrified, and what I do when I'm frightened is become counterphobic.
Ramakrishna's powerfully ambivalent attitude towards women, expressed both in his phobic flight from them and in his counterphobic desire to become one, at least to the extent of a kind of protective mimicry, is in a way paradigmatic of the interplay of desire and the anxiety generated by that desire which underlies much of the mythic and cultic material under discussion.