countercurrent flow

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count·er·cur·rent flow

(kownt'ĕr-kŭr'ĕnt flō)
Flow in the opposite direction to slice excitation during magnetic resonance imaging.
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2 L/min and flowing in the countercurrent flow with the flow of ozone and then in the influent - effluent of O3 reactor was measured pollutant concentration order to obtain data as Fig.
Figures 5 through 7 along with Table 5 present the results obtained from the countercurrent flow in the simulation model.
Thus, resulting in about the same rate of recovery as observed in the countercurrent flow in the model.
Figure 6 shows the oil production rate (OPR) from the countercurrent flow.
Based on the flow patterns in the vent and the corresponding modes of heat transfer through it, three flow regimes were identified: the conduction regime (Ra [less than or equal to] 1500), the countercurrent flow regime (1600 [less than or equal to] Ra < 3600), and the oscillatory flow regime (Ra [greater than or equal to] 3600).
In the countercurrent flow regime, the fluid moves through the vent in two distinct streams, with one going up and the other going down.
Plateflow is said to offer true countercurrent flow, maximizing mean temperature difference between the fluids.
The R-176 features the company's proprietary spiral channel design, a special, jacketed main barrel that allows a countercurrent flow of heating and/or cooling medium through up to three separate control zones.
This unique countercurrent flow of reactants and catalyst efficiently demetalizes the feedstock for further downstream conversion into low-sulfur gasoline products.
About 100 to 200 meters below, a swift countercurrent flows in the opposite direction.