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A procedure in behavorial research for distributing unwanted but unavoidable influences equally among the different experimental conditions or subjects.
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While the overall trend towards worldwide markets seems firmly entrenched, a counterbalancing force is becoming evident.
Since the doors were too heavy to be lifted up without counterbalancing, the solution was to suspend weights off pulleys mounted on a roof beam a story above.
Counterbalancing these negative changes, accumulated excess spread and market value increases of the reference portfolio loans have resulted in a net collateral value increase of approximately $1.
Standing almost 150 meters tall, it has an inclined pylon counterbalancing the weight of the bridge deck and its traffic.
But our job as musical theater dramatists, especially in this medium at Disney, is to give it the counterbalancing lightness and humor that really strengthens the film.
Counterbalancing the above mentioned credit challenges is the essentiality of an airport system as a key transportation link to the CNMI.