photon density

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pho·ton den·si·ty

the number of counted events recorded in scintigraphy per square centimeter or per square inch of imaged area.
Synonym(s): count density
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Using dopplerian redshits the galactic count density is 4.
Table 1 Output Power (W) Luminaire CRI (lumens) Efficacy (L/W)) Reported 5686 82 69 85 Performance Data Absolute 4309 81 53 81 Photometry Table 2 Average (FC) Fixture Lighting Power Illumination Count Density (W/SF) Relative Photometry 40 81 0.
Foldedness Simple Weighted Word Index Word Count Word Count Density (%) Group A 21.
0 controller into the socket, the Rackable line is completely redefined with higher levels of CPU core count density and I/O slot density than previous generation of Rackable servers.
The QOD Gateway is a 5RU (rack unit), NEBS-compliant platform which offers unprecedented stream count density at 36 Gbps throughput, equivalent to roughly 13,000 SDTV or 3,000 HDTV streams.
This unprecedented stream count density represents a 4-20 times rack space efficiency improvement factor versus competing solutions.
The high channel count density and integrated discretes allow the system designer to reduce the overall system footprint (slot count) while reducing power consumption.
The Cardius-3 imager's detection capability meets industry guidelines for count density at shorter acquisition times compared to other in-office, small footprint dual-head systems.
8 Watts per port) and reduced PC Board (PCB) real estate will enable manufacturers to achieve even higher port count density Gigabit Switches.
18 micron CMOS process technology, combines two 1000BASE-T transceiver ports, providing manufacturers with the lowest power, highest port count density Gigabit Ethernet solution on the market today.
The M88E3080 is offered in a compact 208-pin PQFP package, which has been optimized for the highest port count density and shortest distance connections to the quad magnetic modules and the RJ-45 connectors.