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The Chief Counsel task force was formed to study the IRS's Technical Advice Memorandum program and to make recommendations in respect of the process used by the Office of Chief Counsel, both in the field and in the national office, to provide technical legal advice to IRS personnel and taxpayers during the course of tax examinations (so-called case specific advice).
2 Anything discussed with corporate counsel is protected by attorney-client privilege and must be kept confidential.
This was, however, a very thin edge indeed, as the appearance of counsel in felony trials at the Old Bailey remained quite rare.
She was appointed assistant general counsel over the division's International section in 1991, and was promoted to associate general counsel in 1992.
Follow-up reports by counsel were sporadic and provided little new information that could be used to expedite claim resolution.
Understanding the protections of the Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights to counsel and the concomitant procedural rules begins with an appreciation of the principals that underlie those rights.
The role of in-house counsel is intended to be proactive, as they attend to all of the regulatory compliance, licensing, trademark and contractual needs of their employers.
CosmoCom chose General Counsel Solutions and its network because the GCS' experienced, former in-house counsels and executives offer hands-on, senior-level experience and insights - both domestically and globally - that competitors simply could not match.
The right to counsel contained in the Sixth Amendment, however, has been the topic of far less litigation and, though significant, has received less attention from the media, law enforcement policy makers, and trainers.
The parties themselves may not be able to reach a settlement because, for example, the taxpayer's representatives and the District Counsel attorneys cannot even discuss settlement in any meaningful way.
Based on dollar volume for long-term municipal issues, Thomson ranked Fulbright the nation's 2nd top disclosure counsel, 6th best bond counsel in negotiated offerings, 7th top bond counsel in all offerings, and 8th top underwriters' counsel.
Perkins argued the statements subsequently made to the undercover officer violated his Miranda right to counsel as delineated in Minnick v.