cough syrup

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cough syrup

A sweetened medicated liquid taken orally to ease coughing.

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Q. Addiction to a cough syrup?? Is it true you can get addicted to cough syrup? And is so- why is that? Is it dangerous? Should I not take cough syrup?

A. here is a story about an air force pilot who had an addiction to cough suppressant who ended bad and about the phenomenon in general:

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The sale of cough syrup has had to be restricted due to such high levels of abuse in the states of Bihar and Maharashtra.
He expressed these views while presiding over a high level meeting here at Model Town to review causes of deaths due to cough syrup and the situation created after it.
Seventeen people died in November this year after consuming cough syrup Tyno in Lahore, the Express Tribune reports.
PAKISTANI authorities are investigating allegations that cough syrup has killed 33 people over the past three days, a government official said - the second time in recent months medicine is suspected of causing multiple deaths.
HYLAND'S IS ADDING TWO PRODUCTS TO ITS 4 KIDS PRODUCT LINE, Cold 'n Cough 4 Kids and Cough Syrup 4 Kids with 100% Natural Honey.
ADROSINULA Cough Syrup can be great for spasmodic, racking, phlegmy coughs, which like your son's can be deep-seated.
Children younger than six are even doped with cough syrup and used as props by beggars working for the gangs.
Decongestants COUGH SYRUP Whether it's tickly, scratchy or loose, a soothing cough syrup can make you feel better - especially when combined with painkillers.
While it's no secret that a section of its cabin crew and some pilots were found involved in theft, pilferage and smuggling of bottles of single malt, food and toiletries in the past, this time cough syrup smuggling has come as an embarrassment for the airline.
With the demand for organic products on the rise, Maty's went the extra mile for their customers to become USDA certified so they could offer the only Organic Cough Syrup available nationwide.
Although results are promising, researchers urge diabetics not to self-medicate with cough syrup since larger trials are required to determine whether it's an effective treatment.