cough syrup

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cough syrup

A sweetened medicated liquid taken orally to ease coughing.

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Q. Addiction to a cough syrup?? Is it true you can get addicted to cough syrup? And is so- why is that? Is it dangerous? Should I not take cough syrup?

A. here is a story about an air force pilot who had an addiction to cough suppressant who ended bad and about the phenomenon in general:

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Children with chronic illness who take medication for an extended period are at much greater risk for developing caries than sick children who take cough syrup for 3-4 days, Dr.
For those who don't care to drink cough syrup, it's simple to buy pharmaceutical-grade DXM powder over the Internet, where there are many Web sites maintained by DXM enthusiasts.
The primary focus of this paper is to construct a theoretical framework with regard to the factors that make dextromethorphan-based cough syrup an attractive choice for experimental abuse or misuse.
The idea I might face investigation or scrutiny over a safe dose of cough syrup horrifies me.
She claimed that she found "codeine"-based cough syrup as well.
He expressed these views while presiding over a high level meeting here at Model Town to review causes of deaths due to cough syrup and the situation created after it.
Islamabad, Dec 29 ( ANI ): Five more people died in Pakistan's Punjab province after drinking the 'poisonous' cough syrup, raising the death toll to 40.
The company also has expanded its pediatric offerings with Hyland's Baby Tiny Cold Tablets, designed to dissolve instantly, and Hyland's Baby Cough Syrup.
The cough syrup is known for its bad taste, which is attributed to the lack of sugar and alcohol, along with ingredients such as camphor, Canadian fir balsam gum, pine needle oil and menthol.
Only one of the medicines surveyed - Superdrug children's dry cough syrup - was free of colourings and preservatives, according to the campaign group.
She does not record how long this has been happening or if there are any other symptoms and prescribes a strong cough syrup.