cough drop

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cough drop

A small, often medicated and sweetened lozenge taken orally to ease coughing or soothe a sore throat.

Patient discussion about cough drop

Q. can you take cough drops while your pregnant

A. there are many kinds of cough syrups/drops/pills. and all of them contains different materials, some have codeine in it and that is not a good choice during pregnancy. but the best thing to do is ask the pharmacist that sells the medicine. their job is to know those things. you can also read the pamphlet that comes with the medicine.

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In smog-ridden Birmingham and the Black Country cough sweets and troach drops had always done well.
The former college lecturer was reported to have been deluged with offers including a lucrative contract to advertise cough sweets following the ITV documentary into the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire cheating case.
With the little compensation he received, he had opened a backstreet sweet shop, one of those tiny front-room businesses which sold humbugs and cough sweets and simple household requirements and whose trade was virtually confined to the terraced street in which it stood.
If I'm unexpectedly off work he has a rummage in his desk behind the fluffy cough sweets and rusty paperclips and comes up with a dusty envelope marked 'Emergency Thursday Column for when JA is sick'.
There is not even an excuse for spoiling other people's enjoyment of the concert because the Phil offers free cough sweets in the foyer.
The company saw its biggest growth in confectionery sales in the Americas - up 10 per cent - helped by an eight per cent improvement in Halls cough sweets in the US during the cold winter months.
Each kit contains a mini thermometer, vapour rub, Vitamin C tablets, packet of tissues, cough sweets and nasal decongestant.
The way cough sweets and throat lozenges have been merchandised has changed.
The crowd looks weatherbeaten, probably because of the weather, and they've even got a stall called 'The Farmer's Friend', although it doesn't sell cough sweets, or shotguns, but flat caps.
Dairy Milk-to-Halls cough sweets group Cadbury Schweppes is expected to confirm a trading statement in December indicating that the group had enjoyed a good second half performance, with annual pre-tax profits expected to come in 0.
MILLIONAIRE cheat Major Charles Ingram (picturedbelow) could cash in on his notoriety through his court case by advertising cough sweets.
Ingram and wife Diana have received hundreds of offers, including one to star in a TV commercial for cough sweets.