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Popular shorthand for a 'tool' traditionally used in psychoanalysis and other talk therapies
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Since she's been back in Beirut, she's been living with her parents, which makes hosting difficult, but often takes visitors around the city and attends regular couch surfing events.
While couch surfing naturally encourages socializing, the site is careful to stress that it is not a dating service, though it does sometimes work that way.
Nachett says her former roommate found love through couch surfing after hosting a member from the Ivory Coast for two days.
Millman said that couch surfing is an opportunity to become part of a planetary home, where people share the same dreams and fears.
Before going to Belgrade, Serbia, as a couch surfer, Ms.
But for some couch surfers, trusting a stranger is not that easy.
com/transference/), an online conferencing area specifically for The Couch, where users can converse about topical issues with Couch characters and with one another.
Transference is a critical part of The Couch, since some the goals of the site are to break down the barrier between performers and audience and to make the audience members part of the characters' lives," explained David Steuer.