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Popular shorthand for a 'tool' traditionally used in psychoanalysis and other talk therapies
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Both share the same ingenuity that have made Lovesac famous since 1995: covers made from durable, washable fabrics that ensure a lifetime of use and innovations that let Lovesac products go where no couches can.
The researchers analyzed 102 foam samples from residential couches and found that more manufacturers - about 85 percent - are now using flame retardants in their couches compared to the past.
More than 450,000 people from 225 countries participate in the project, offering couches from Massachusetts to Antarctica and from the Vatican to Turkmenistan.
The couches will be put in the out-patients department.
Thousands of abandoned couches line sidewalks and pile up forgotten around dumpsters, waiting to end up in land fills.
The couches have an upholstered look with removable 100 percent cotton covers that make them convenient to machine wash.
All three semi-finalists should be proud that their couches made it this far, and for their participation in the "Ugly Couch Contest" they received a trip with accommodations to New York City.
Should the home-invasion ordinance include search and seizure of couches that fail to carry labels warning how Elsie the Cow was brutally butchered?
the leading provider and marketer of ready-made slipcovers, is giving a bit of a fresh kick when it comes to the back-to-school doldrums, as well as to the owners of ugly couches everywhere.
The reason is simply because couches are not sofas.