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Popular shorthand for a 'tool' traditionally used in psychoanalysis and other talk therapies
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Coucher, who is said to be a keen birdwatcher, has posted his own photographs of the estate on a site called "Iainland".
Appartements de six chambres coucher pour une personne situes dans trois tours de 17 etages.
Coucher, said to be a keen birdwatcher, has posted his photos of the estate on a website called "Iainland".
Despite the chaos when NR failed to finish its mid-winter engineering work on time, it is said Mr Coucher could be entitled to a bonus of pounds 500,000 or so, on top of his basic pay of pounds 529,000.
Mr Coucher said: "I want to be able to talk freely about Network Rail's story of success and how it has delivered for passengers, not just last year but over the last five years, without this story being clouded by controversy.
Mr Coucher said: "Our people have delivered what has been asked of them and more.
Mr Coucher said where maintenance is required, trains will divert around the work without the need for a bus.
Mr Higgins, former chief executive of construction firm Lend Lease, will succeed Iain Coucher, who is stepping down at the end of October.
Their chief executive Iain Coucher got pounds 641,000 on top of his pounds 613,000 salary.
25 million, including pounds 641,000 for chief executive Iain Coucher, whose annual salary is pounds 613,000.
NR's chairman Rick Haythornwaite said Mr Coucher had been an outstanding leader, adding that the railways had been transformed during his time at the company.
Chief executive Iain Coucher has already said he will forego any annual bonus this year but he is still eligible for the incentive scheme payment.