acetabular labrum

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ac·e·tab·u·lar la·brum

a fibrocartilaginous rim attached to the margin of the acetabulum of the hip bone.

acetabular labrum

a fibrocartilaginous collar on the rim of the acetabulum that crosses the acetabular notch as the transverse acetabular ligament and converts the notch into a foramen.


pl. labra [L.] an edge, rim or lip, e.g. upper lip of insects.

acetabular labrum
the ring of fibrocartilage that is attached to and deepens the acetabulum; large and thick in the horse and cow. Called also acetabular glenoidal labrum.
acetabular glenoidal labrum
see acetabular labrum (above).
articular labrum
a fibrocartilaginous rim around the edge of some joint sockets such as the acetabulum and the glenoid.