absorbent cotton

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1. a plant of the genus Gossypium.
2. a textile material derived from the seeds of this plant.
absorbable cotton oxidized cellulose.
absorbent cotton (purified cotton) cotton freed from impurities, bleached, and sterilized; used as a surgical dressing.

ab·sor·bent cot·ton

cotton from which all fatty matter has been extracted, so that it readily takes up fluids.

ab·sor·bent cot·ton

(ab-sōrbĕnt kotŏn)
Cotton from which all fatty matter has been extracted, so that it readily takes up fluids.
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Squeeze most of the water out, and place the damp cotton wool in the shallow bowl.
The anatomically designed products feature a cotton wool absorbing core that is wrapped in pure cotton nonwoven or cotton gauze.
In another test, swarming crickets crowded around cotton wool soaked in a moderately salty solution in preference to cotton soaked in plain water.
Exogenous materials include fruit seeds, plant material, beads, cotton wool, and dental impression material.
It took a Canadian to speak for the many when he said, ``I kept the deeper agonies wrapped in a cotton wool of protective forgetfulness.
A January 1997 report by Corporate Intelligence on baby care products shows that the baby care sector, which includes wipes, toiletries, creams and cotton wool, increased in value by 21% to 189 million [pounds sterling] between 1992 and 1996.
Contract notice:Supply of Surgical Swabs and cotton wool based products into Wales
Having been wrapped in cotton wool on his arrival - following his exertions for his national side in the Rugby Championship - the fullback will be on his way out of Leinster again after this weekend.
Now all I needed was some nice cotton wool pads to clean them off.
As far as I am concerned people like anon are absolutely blinkered they have absolutely no idea about the real world that we live in and prefer to live in this cotton wool atmosphere of pro-royalty.
AFTER all these years, I still get annoyed that "Earex" removed the pink cotton wool from the box (this was used to keep your ear warm and to help recovery).
At first his United pals wrapped him in cotton wool for fear of setting him back - but now it's business as usual again in the Tannadice training sessions.