n in oral health care, a designation for the relationships among patient, dental hygienist, and dental professional in securing the patient's regular treatment.
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After completing tests to measure the severity of their PTSD, the placebo group and the MDMA group took part in several sessions of normal talk therapy with a male/female cotherapist team.
She has held positions as a teacher, salesperson, clinician and cotherapist in Michigan, New York, New Jersey, New Zealand and California.
The major factor for success with AAT is viewing the animal as a cotherapist rather than an object.
I have to get the treatment over into the 99% of the time, so I get obsessed with helping the patient think about treatment and, indeed, become the cotherapist.
There is also a chapter on the use of a cotherapist, with its attendant advantages and disadvantages in marital and family therapy.
The intervention involved 12 weekly 2-hour sessions, with groups of six to eight patients led by a therapist and cotherapist.
This enabled the caregiver to act as a cotherapist," he said.
Parents as cotherapists in the treatment of psychotic children.
We generally see two differentiated roles in a therapy group: the therapist role and the member role (some groups have cotherapists and some groups might have observers).
Handbook of Parent Training: Parents as Cotherapists for Children's Behavior problems (pp.
With more than 35 years of empirical data supporting its efficacy (Autism Society of America, 2001), Project TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication-Handicapped Children) is an intervention program model that integrates behavioral and cognitive theory, includes parents as cotherapists, and emphasizes long-term treatment and support from early childhood through adulthood (Schopler, 1996).
Including the parents in the treatment process allows the therapist to have cotherapists that work from within the child's world.