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Managed care adjective Referring to an intervention that is considered financially optimal if there is no other available intervention that offers a clinically appropriate benefit at a lower cost


An assessment or determination of the most efficient and least expensive approaches to providing health care and preventive medicine services. One component, health education, focuses on helping people to assume some responsibility for their own health maintenance and avoid preventable illness and disability. Accident prevention programs, immunization drives, and safe-sex campaigns are designed to reduce the number of patients who will suffer preventable illnesses. To control costs, health care providers and health care customers must also understand the comparative value of procedures and medicines. See: preventive medicine; preventive nursing
cost-effective, adjective


n the minimal expenditure of dollars, time, and other elements necessary to achieve the health care result deemed necessary and appropriate.


profitable; representing a return to investment of more than the cost.
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BEA and HP's commitment to providing choice and interoperability enables customers to cost-effectively take advantage of the adaptive enterprise.
Companies that institute well-thought-out supplemental retirement plans can cost-effectively attract and retain key executives at a time when the competition for such talented professionals is exceptionally strong.
Overture Networks' purpose-built, multi-service access platforms, support a variety of Ethernet and TDM-based services over any underlying infrastructure enabling providers to cost-effectively reach all of their customersCoand offer those customers the services and applications their customers are demandingCoat all locations.
In order to be cost-effectively implemented, this memory must be manufacturable on the same CMOS logic process as the rest of the SoC without the need for additional masks or process steps.
Multiven NMS solution is appropriate for organizations looking to improve the availability and quality-of-service of their IP network infrastructure cost-effectively, as well as clients rethinking their service contracts with network hardware vendors.
In telecommunications, the Company's mPhase TV+ System software platform cost-effectively and reliably delivers television and high-speed Internet access over telephone lines.
ExaGrid's turnkey disk-based backup system is ideal for mid-market and small enterprise companies looking to quickly and cost-effectively eliminate the hassles of tape backup while reducing their existing backup windows.
With an integrated Latens CAS, the mPhase TV+ System offers IPTV service providers a scalable and flexible option for cost-effectively managing content authentication and quickly defining and provisioning packaged content offers.
By continuously replicating snapshots over IP to a backup data center, AHC can cost-effectively recover to any point in time should a disaster or disruption occur.
Our platform is a means to enable telephone companies to cost-effectively offer premium interactive television services to their broadband customers.
Scalable's NERC CIP Quick Start Solution provides the services and capabilities required for utilities to cost-effectively achieve and demonstrate compliance for their initial 2006 NERC CIP audit.
The demand to cost-effectively sustain regulatory compliance, improve system security and support frameworks such as ITIL and BS15000 is driving the market for automated solutions that maintain business critical configurations standards and control ongoing changes," said Alex Bakman, founder and CEO of Ecora.