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To evaluate the presence of cellulose as the principal chemical component of the - thickenings in root cortical cells, hand-cut longitudinal sections were clarified in a solution of commercial sodium hypochlorite plus water (1:1).
41,42) The transplanted young cortical cells may actively participate in steroid synthesis and release, (43,44,45) and thus eventually play an anti-inflammatory role, the details of which are now being studied by us.
the outer cortical cells, and then longitudinal spread in the
9) Although our patient did not have clinically evident endocrine dysfunction or virilization effects, the close proximity of myelolipomatous foci to strands of adrenal cortical cells within the stroma to ganglioneuroma suggests that the myelolipomatous foci may have been secondarily induced by the hormonal microenvironment within the ganglioneuroma.
Preliminary results indicate the membrane potential of cortical cells exposed to various concentrations of HQ invariably responded with an immediate small (2-4 mV) transient (2-3 minute) hyperpolarization.
Sluggish activity by cortical cells then leads to cutbacks in a key chemical messenger, further hampering brain function and mental life.
Other cellular targets of EBOV include hepatocytes, adrenal cortical cells, fibroblasts, fibroblastic reticular cells, stromal cells of reproductive organs, and a variety of epithelial cell types.