corrugator supercilii muscle

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cor·ru·ga·tor su·per·ci·li·i mus·cle

(kōr'ŭ-gā'tŏr sū'pĕr-sil'ē-ī mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, from orbital portion of musculus orbicularis oculi and nasal prominence; insertion, skin of eyebrow; action, draws medial end of eyebrow downward and wrinkles forehead vertically; nerve supply, facial.
Synonym(s): musculus corrugator supercilii [TA] .


Volcher, Dutch surgeon and anatomist, 1534-1600.
Coiter muscle - draws medial end of eyebrow downward and wrinkles forehead vertically. Synonym(s): corrugator supercilii muscle
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The researchers observed that the patients twitched their smiling-specific zygomaticus major muscle when presented with happy pictures, and the frowning-specific corrugator supercilii muscle when presented with fearful pictures.
The EMG signal is obtained from electrodes on the forehead that detect when the subject contracts the corrugator supercilii muscle by frowning.
It involves the involuntary activity of the orbicularis oculi, procerus, and corrugator supercilii muscles.