corpus uteri

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 [kor´pus] (pl. cor´pora) (L.)
corpus al´bicans white fibrous tissue that replaces the regressing corpus luteum in the human ovary in the latter half of pregnancy, or soon after ovulation when pregnancy does not supervene.
corpus amygdaloi´deum amygdaloid body.
cor´pora amyla´cea small hyaline masses of degenerate cells found in the prostate, neuroglia, and other sites.
corpus callo´sum an arched mass of white matter in the depths of the longitudinal fissure, made up of transverse fibers connecting the cerebral hemispheres.
corpus caverno´sum either of the two columns of erectile tissue forming the body of the penis or clitoris.
corpus fimbria´tum a band of white matter bordering the lateral edge of the lower cornu of the lateral ventricle of the brain.
corpus genicula´tum see geniculate bodies, lateral, and geniculate bodies, medial.
corpus hemorrha´gicum
1. an ovarian follicle containing blood.
2. a corpus luteum containing a blood clot.
3. a blood clot formed in the cavity left by rupture of a graafian follicle.
corpus lu´teum a yellow glandular mass in the ovary formed by an ovarian follicle that has matured and discharged its ovum; see also ovulation.
corpus mammilla´re mamillary body.
cor´pora quadrige´mina four rounded eminences on the posterior surface of the mesencephalon.
corpus spongio´sum pe´nis a column of erectile tissue forming the urethral surface of the penis, in which the urethra is found.
corpus ster´ni body of sternum.
corpus stria´tum a subcortical mass of gray matter and white matter in front of and lateral to the thalamus in each cerebral hemisphere.
corpus u´teri that part of the uterus above the isthmus and below the orifices of the fallopian tubes.

bod·y of u·ter·us

the part of the uterus above the isthmus, comprising about two thirds of the nonpregnant organ.
Synonym(s): corpus uteri [TA]

corpus uteri

that part of the uterus above the isthmus and below the orifices of the fallopian tubes.

corpus uteri

Body of uterus; that part of the uterus north of the isthmus and medial to the fallopian tubes
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Similarly, there are no definitive directly replicable models for early detection / screening of cancers of the thyroid, gall bladder, rectum, liver, ovary and corpus uteri.
Although the largest numbers of MHC II+ cells were found in the first region of the cornu uteri in estrus and the first region of the corpus uteri in diestrus, there were no statistically significant differences in cell numbers per [mm.
How many cases: There are an average of 355 cases of cancer of the corpus uteri, which includes endometrial cancer, diagnosed in Wales every year.
Fetal elements must be absent from the corpus uteri.