corporate dentistry

corporate dentistry,

n 1. the dental care provided for a specific group of employees within a single business under a contract arrangement or on a salaried basis, with costs borne by the corporation.
2. a company-owned-and-operated dental care facility that provides services to employees and sometimes dependents.
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CED President Marco Landi moved on to share a brief insight into a current debate going on within the European Union for and against corporate dentistry.
These challenges left a sour taste in my mouth at times, but I was thankful for the experience I gained working in corporate dentistry, as it has allowed me to further hone the clinical skills that I took with me to my next employer.
These changes could make the growth of corporate dentistry even more rapid.
Chairman Ron Trenter said: 'There has been considerable comment in the business media with respect to the potential investment returns which may be achievable from corporate dentistry.
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