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The family of late Chief Justice Renato Corona has appealed the Sandiganbayan's ruling allowing the Office of the Ombudsman to scrutinize their bank accounts in connection with their P130.
En el mundo cristiano, en las coronas asociadas a los martires, se adoptaran los significados patentes en las tradiciones anteriores, la clasica y la judaica (10), asi podemos decir que las coronas pretenden simbolizar la victoria del martir ante la muerte, su union con Cristo--tan estrecha como la de un matrimonio--por la semejanza del martirio con su Pasion y por tanto, al estar unido a El tan estrechamente, surge una necesidad de veneracion (11), de igual manera que en el mundo clasico eran venerados los dioses y los heroes, aunque en el cristianismo la veneracion se realizara de forma diferente (12).
Within the last two years, Corona just took off,'' said El Jardin's promotions manager, Danny Arias, who estimates the club sells 10 times more Corona than Bud during winter months.
In The Nature of Light and Color in the Outdoors, Marcel Minnaert mentions coronas in a clear sky but does not discuss their shape.
Each type of mind gives off a different pattern, for example the corona of a schizophrenic's brain is fuzzy and less bright than a that of a healthy person.
Coronas and plasmas can treat virtually all thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers, but the surface effect wears off.
Clearly, the clause to the best of his knowledge and information shows the absence of a willful and deliberate assertion of falsehood, Corona said.
Linsky says the surfaces of stars warmer than CN Leonis would be too bright for their coronas to be readily studied in the same way.
5, sheriff Alexander Valencia told the antigraft court's Second Division that Rosemarie Osoteo, vice president of Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), informed him that an account registered under the name of Corona in the bank's branch on Taft Avenue, Manila, only had P2,158.
Instead, TRACE found that the temperature is uniform from the top of the corona to the bottom.
Jose Coronas, 54, is formerly president of Johnson & Johnson Clinical Diagnostics, Inc.
The Ombudsman said from 2002 to 2010, Coronas actual cash deposits ballooned from P1,337,072.