coronary care unit

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cor·o·nar·y care u·nit (CCU),

a group of beds within a hospital set aside for the care of patients having or suspected of having myocardial infarction.

coronary care unit

n. Abbr. CCU
A hospital unit that is specially equipped to treat and monitor patients with serious heart conditions, such as coronary thrombosis.

coronary care unit (CCU)

a critical care unit used for the treatment and monitoring of patients experiencing acute cardiac episodes.

coronary care unit

The preferred UK term for a tertiary care unit in hospital which manages an array of patients with unstable heart disease, including post-acute MI, arrhythmias, cardiomyopathies and so on.

cor·o·nar·y care u·nit

(CCU) (kōr'ŏ-nār-ē kār yū'nit)
A group of beds within a hospital set aside for the care of patients having or suspected of having acute cardiac episodes.

coronary care unit

A hospital department or ward set aside for the monitoring and intensive care management of people who have suffered attacks of CORONARY THROMBOSIS and are in an unstable condition.
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Sound Heart at Evergreen Hospital Medical Center has a 20-bed Intensive and Coronary Care Unit, Advanced Chest Pain/Stroke evaluation and treatment, Advanced Heart Failure Management, Echocardiography services, Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiac catheterization, Angioplasty and Stent Implants, Pacemaker Insertions, Cardiac rehabilitation services (JCAHO best practice site), Anticoagulation Outpatient Clinic, Heart Failure Outpatient Clinic and 18 cardiologists*.
Certainly in the United States when you go to a coronary care unit you'll find that the majority of the patients have an LDL [cholesterol level] under 110 mg/dL or have never had their LDL measured.
Terry Richards, 49, of Valencia was taken by helicopter to Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, where he was admitted to the intensive coronary care unit with eight cracked ribs, a bruised lung and a fractured elbow, hospital spokeswoman Janice Newbold said.
The Case for Intensive Dissemination: Adoption of Practice Guidelines in the Coronary Care Unit.
Hywel Dda health board said ward seven, the acute coronary unit and the coronary care unit were shut with visiting restricted across the whole of Withybush hospital after Norovirus was confirmed in some cases.
The 85-year-old was taken out of the ICU at the Ulster Hospital in Belfast yesterday into the coronary care unit where he continues to be treated for heart problems.
BECAUSE of all the bad news coming out of our hospitals at the minute, I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank the nursing staff of the coronary care unit at George Eliot Hospital.
This was due to having chest pain and going to casualty at Whiston hospital, I was quickly diagnosed as having a heart attack and was taken to the coronary care unit.
I am writing to thank our local NSWNA delegates and organisers, especially Suzanne McNeil and Wendy Goodman, from the John Hunter Hospital following their assistance in representing members from Coronary Care Unit to ensure unpaid shift penalty payments were paid.
Stephenson of Huddersfield Royal Infirmary Coronary Care Unit and staff for their care and kindness, Mr.
I was taken onto the Coronary Care Unit where a heart pacemaker was fitted a few days later.