coronary artery scan

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coronary artery scan (CAS)

a noninvasive method for the early detection of coronary atherosclerosis, using electron beam CT to detect and measure calcium, which is the marker for atherosclerosis, in the coronary arteries.

coronary artery scan

Abbreviation: CAS
A noninvasive diagnostic CT scan that may identify patients at risk for atherosclerosis and coronary disease episodes by measuring calcium in the coronary arteries.
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Lewis Meyer, CEO of Imatron, applauded the work done by these prominent researchers, commenting, "The appropriate use of Imatron's proprietary EBT coronary artery scan in select groups of patients with atypical chest pain could save millions of dollars in unnecessary coronary angiography expense and medical risk annually.
The first follow-up study, presented by Paul Keelan, MD on behalf of colleagues at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Michigan compared the ability of the so-called gold standard coronary angiogram and the non-invasive EBT coronary artery scan to forecast cardiac death or heart attack up to 10 years later.
Meyer continued, "There is now no doubt that the coronary artery scan as performed by Imatron's proprietary EBT scanner can play a major - even revolutionary - role in changing the public perception of, and the medical community's strategy for, dealing with coronary heart disease.
The SAI's guidelines further conclude that the weight of evidence and/or opinion favors the use of the EBT coronary artery scan for:
The center was expected to be a "state of the art" outpatient clinic that offered the Imatron Ultrafast Electronic Beam Tomography ("EBT") machine to provide coronary artery scans and full-body scans to "health conscious Americans.
The technique generates stunning photo-like images of the heart and coronary arteries from routine MR coronary artery scans.

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