Pertaining to the cornea and sclera.


Pertaining to the cornea and sclera.


pertaining to or emanating from the corneosclera.

corneoscleral junction
the point at which the sclera's opaque, wavy fibers join the more neatly arranged and transparent corneal fibers. Called also limbus.
corneoscleral transposition
the movement of part of the sclera to repair adjacent cornea; a keratoplasty technique.
corneoscleral trephination
formation of a drainage hole through the corneoscleral junction into the anterior chamber to allow the outflow of aqueous humor into the subconjunctival vasculature and lymphatics. Used in the treatment of glaucoma.
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Additionally, on the contact lens side, UltraVision, on stands 28/29/31/32, will introduce Litewave, an aspheric toric freeform silicone hydrogel contact lens manufactured in a new material exclusive to the company and Scotlens, on stand 23, will have details of its new EasyScleral and CorneoScleral lenses which allow practitioners to easily fit RGP lenses up to 18mm.
in glaucoma surgery or after corneoscleral laceration repair.
Two skin snips (one each from the shoulder and the buttocks) for parasitological examination were taken from each individual during day time using a Walser corneoscleral punch.
Common sites for SCC include the lower lid, the third eyelid and corneoscleral junction of the globe [1].
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Next is the corneoscleral meshwork which has progressively smaller trabecular pores.
Holth corneoscleral punch (Storz instrument GMBH, Heldelberg, Germany) was used to obtain the skin biopsies as previously described (13,14).
A wide variety of ophthalmic manifestations are also well described, including uveitis, corneoscleral ulceration, and lacrimal duct damage.
Subsequently, the meshwork becomes specialised into inner uveal trabeculae, numerous intermediate layers of lamellar corneoscleral trabeculae, and a more loosely organised cribriform meshwork.