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A tree used by Native Americans as antipyretic and laxative, and by Western herbalists as an appetite stimulant, and to treat renal and hepatic disease
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If you want to look at the validity of Cornel West's critiques, let's look at the data," says Watkins, who said that, while the Obama administration was taking credit last month for the rise in the employment numbers, the administration disregarded the fact that Black unemployment actually worsened during that same period.
Romanian-born Cornel, from Worcester, won a Child Of Courage award I he was not only recognised for overcoming a near-death experience as a child, but for helping others in need.
I remember thinking in 2000 that Cornel West would be the ideal Green Party candidate for 2004.
Cornel Pewewardy, assistant professor of education at Kansas University has written extensively about the stereotyping of native Americans and the adverse impact this form of discrimination has on self-esteem, particularly for native American youth.
D-Illinois, and Harvard professors Cornel West and Lani Guinier.
Similarly, social critic Cornel West has drawn attention to what he calls Afro-America's "combative spirituality.
It's not worth intimidating readers by listing all the distinguished names of those who responded to the appeal of Franck and his colleagues (from the Dalai Lama and Cornel West to Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Mother Teresa), although Cross Currents contributors are well represented - Harvey Cox, Huston Smith, Dorothee Soelle, Raimon Panikkar, Elie Wiesel, Gary MacEoin, et al.
By Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Cornel West Houghton Mifflin, $24
In academe, Harvard professor Cornel West, featured in the new award-winning film All God's Children, warns Christians "not to confuse the blood at [Mount] Calvary with the Kool-Aid of homophobia.
In riverfront ceremonies, Captain Lawrence Keeton and Cornel Martin, the steamboat company's vice president for corporate affairs, presented officials with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Minuteman River Birch.
The design for the cavities was developed at Cornel University in Ithaca, N.