corneal transplant

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corneal transplant

corneal transplant

Ophthalmology The replacement of a damaged cornea with a cadaveric–healthy donor cornea; CTs are indicated in severe corneal injury or for corneal ulcers with residual scarring

corneal transplant



Excision of corneal tissue and its replacement by a cornea from a human donor. This can be done either over the entire cornea (total keratoplasty) or over a portion of it (partial keratoplasty). Two main techniques are used: (1) the penetrating keratoplasty in which the entire thickness of the cornea is removed and replaced by transparent corneal tissue; (2) the lamellar keratoplasty in which a superficial layer is removed and replaced by healthy tissue. Common indications to perform keratoplasty are therapeutic (e.g. keratoconus, corneal ulcer) or cosmetic (e.g. removing an unsightly opacity). Syn. corneal transplant. See ciclosporin; granular dystrophy; eye bank; corneal graft; immunosuppressants.

Patient discussion about corneal transplant

Q. Has anyone had experience with a corneal transplant because of keratoconus?

A. my uncle had to do a transplant- it took 5 weeks until he could see anything , another year to get his vision straightened up. but now he is fine! i know that he looked for information in the "National Keratoconus Foundation". they were very helpful (and nice!), they have a website with information on all forms of treatment:

good luck :)

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SAN FRANCISCO, March 11, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The number of corneal transplants needed to restore vision keeps growing each year.
Approximately 350 Oklahomans require a corneal transplant each year.
During 2006 in the whole of South Africa only 516 corneal transplants in adults and 33 in children were performed using national eye bank tissue.
His sight was saved thanks to corneal transplants carried out at Liverpool's famous St Paul's Eye Unit, now based in the city's Royal Liverpool University Hospital after many years residing in Old Hall Street as a hospital in its own right.
Among them are corneal transplants from donations secured by the Lions Eye Bank housed in the same facility.
Both Linda and Jeff suffered severe vision loss several years ago before receiving corneal transplants with the assistance of the eye bank.
Source: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Corneal Transplant, September 2013, The Lewin Group
Ahooja is the chief corneal surgeon at Ahooja Eye Institute and has conducted hundreds of corneal transplant surgeries over the last few years, with financial assistance from Tej Kohli Foundation.
But progression of the disease meant his last option was that of a corneal transplant.
During a visit to her doctor, Khulood found out her right eye required a cornea transplant, and she decided to undergo surgery at Shaikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC), the only government hospital that performs corneal transplant surgery in the emirate.
When needed to restore vision, study data show clear grafts in 98 percent of patients five years after a corneal transplant.
Blind since the age of five, she begins to see things which others can't after undergoing corneal transplant surgery.