corneal limbus

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corneoscleral junction

the margin of the cornea overlapped by the sclera.

limbus, corneal

The transition zone, about 1.5 mm wide, between the conjunctiva and sclera on the one hand, and the cornea on the other. Syn. corneoscleral junction. See corneal epithelium; limbal blanching; Vogt's white limbal girdle.
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Furthermore, these stem cells also exist in aged human eyes, and can be cultured even from the corneal limbus of 97 year olds.
This is a promising discovery as the corneal limbus is one of the most accessible regions of the human eye and it represents 90 per cent of the thickness of the front eye wall.
The results show that local platelets in corneal limbus and near the wound are essential in epithelialization.