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Know the correct management of corneal infiltrates (Group 5.
Know how to recognise corneal infiltrates and the differential diagnosis.
The slit lamp biomicroscope is an essential tool in assessing the corneal infiltrates as they may not be visible to the naked eye.
Acute stromal keratitis: Peripheral corneal infiltrates are superficial or mid-stromal and associated with non necrotising scleritis.
The most frequently reported adverse reactions for ACULAR LS(TM) ophthalmic solution, occurring in approximately 1 to 5% of the overall study population, were ocular redness, swelling and pain, corneal infiltrates and headache.
3) Complications common to both procedures may include over- and under-correction of refractive error, irregular astigmatism, visual aberrations, dry eyes, sterile corneal infiltrates, infectious keratitis and recurrent corneal erosions.
Corneal infiltrates are an uncommon, but well-documented, complication following both LASIK and PRK/LASEK.
21) If corneal infiltrates are observed, especially in contact lens wearers, mycological assessment should always be performed.
23) In addition, the first case of 'sclerokeratitis' ie scleral necrosis adjacent to an area of corneal infiltrate, caused by the fungus Metarrhyium anisopliae, has been reported in Australia.
Many of these conditions, such as complex cases of blepharitis, blepharoconjunctivitis, limbal and peripheral corneal infiltrates, non-perforating abrasions, and foreign bodies, can present to and be managed by an optometrist, especially those with additional supply (AS) therapeutic qualifications.
Corneal infiltrates and even larger deep stromal infiltrates, as opposed to small and localized peri-limbal infiltrates, can also develop.
Last month Newquay optometrist John McLaughlin witnessed the effects that buying lenses online can have first-hand when a patient he had fitted with extended wear lenses three years previously returned to him for a routine eye examination for spectacles and was found to have multiple corneal infiltrates and limbal injection.