corneal decompensation

cor·ne·al de·com·pen·sa·tion

corneal edema resulting from failure of the corneal endothelium to maintain deturgescence.
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When assessing a cataract patient, either in general optometric practice or in a hospital cataract clinic, it is important to diagnose FED early to help in surgical planning and providing perioperative counselling to the patient regarding the risk of corneal oedema and possible corneal transplant soon after cataract surgery if corneal decompensation occurs.
Significant adverse events include corneal edema, corneal decompensation, corneal transplant, and decrease in visual acuity.
Corneal decompensation can also occur after RLE surgery, particularly if the patient has a pre-existing endothelial dystrophy with a large number of guttatae.
8) It is impossible to quantify the risk of corneal decompensation in these cases due to multiple variables such as endothelial cell health, density and nature of the cataract, surgeon skill, patient expectations and so on.

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