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Six samples were collected at time 0 (3 of corncobs and 3 of corn), and 12 samples of each were collected on the remaining sample dates (four storage treatments with three replications) for a total of 108 samples per storage experiment (winter crop and summer crop).
Silage prepared by using corncob as the main fiber source with supplementation of cassava ship and sugar cane molasses was preliminary investigated; however, the corncob silage obtained has limitation for use regarding very low protein content was detected (Cheepudom, 2010).
acid yellow-73 and direct violet-51, from aqueous media and industrial wastewater using a modified iron doped corncob charcoal (IDCC).
Street vendors usually sell corncobs in parking lots or along the waterfront at SR5 a piece.
Inspired by a corncob, of all things, Warduff calmly executes his plan, creating the highlight of the book: the monstrous Gronklenork.
Different concentrations of sulphuric acid such as 1%, 2%, 3% and 4% were used for corncob hydrolysate preparation to determine the highest yield of xylose during acid hydrolysis.
All that was missing was a corncob pipe and a spittoon.
Electricity production by using wheat stalk, rice husk and corncob should be encouraged.
Niemic sounded as rough as a dry corncob, the values he embodied reminded me of the American pioneers that founded our country.
A 30-ounce proprietary ergonomic package shaped like a corncob for easier handling during preparation will retail for a suggested $4.