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The rising price of corn sugar is the latest in a string of commodity price rises that have squeezed consumers' spending power in recent months, after cotton doubled in price in the past year, and wheat increased by 40%, adding 10p onto the cost of a loaf.
It could take FDA up to two years to decide whether to allow food manufacturers to list HFCS as corn sugar on ingredient labels.
Call it high fructose corn syrup or corn sugar, Americans need someone to call a spade a spade.
The key ingredient in both materials is DuPont's Bio-PDO (propanediol), which is derived from corn sugar using a patented bacterial fermentation process.
They're examining novel ways to replace non-renewable petroleum with something that will come back year after year--agricultural products such as corn sugar, soybean and canola oils or possibly even plant wastes such as corncobs.
In this process, fermentation turns renewable corn sugar into commercially viable amounts of the building blocks needed to create polymers, which can then be turned into fiber.
they put a lot of rice and corn and corn sugar in beer.
Mirel is a versatile brand of natural plastics produced from renewable resources like corn sugar that provides an alternative to traditional, oil-based plastics.
According to the DuPont Tate & Lyle, Zemea is a natural ingredient made from corn sugar through fermentation and developed for use in the cosmetics and personal care market.
Erickson added: "Switching out a kind of corn sugar for table sugar is not for health and it is not for science.
is developing engineering thermoplastics and TPEs derived in part from fermented corn sugar.
They are produced using a patented, biological fermentation process that converts agricultural raw materials such as corn sugar into a versatile range of plastics with excellent durability in use but that also biodegrade benignly in a wide range of environments, including marine and wetlands.