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A sweet aromatic liquor.
[Mediev. L. cordialis, fr. cor (cord-), heart]
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Grimwig, which that eccentric gentleman cordially reciprocated.
That this Association cordially recognises the principle of every member of the Corresponding Society defraying his own travelling expenses; and that it sees no objection whatever to the members of the said society pursuing their inquiries for any length of time they please, upon the same terms.
Summary: Cordially invites a journalist and a photographer from your publication to attend the launch of
Holy Land Trust, along with World Without Wars, cordially invites you to join the World March for Peace and Nonviolence which will take place in Bethlehem on the 14th of October.
IN his letter he says: FOR a New Year's gift so beautiful that nothing could exceed it I thank you most cordially, not only for the handsome diamond and ship in which the lonely damsel is tossed about, but chiefly for the fine interpretation and too humble submission which your goodness has made; for I think that it would be difficult for me to deserve this, if it were not for your great humanity and favour.
The man spoke cordially to shop owner Glen Soustek for several minutes.
To Maestro Bartolucci, to the members of the foundation and to all of you who are present here, I cordially impart the apostolic blessing.
Northerners and southerners mingle cordially, but it's acknowledged that the Tilburyites enjoyed the lion's share of Bata "trimmings"--swimming pool, social facilities, and so on.
We were cordially invited to go and see how they did it.
Scholars, professionals and stakeholders are cordially invited to participate in this meaningful event.
Obstructions'' consists of footage in which von Trier and Leth cordially yet hotly debate each regulation, followed by Leth griping to the camera about the impossibility of it all, which is then followed by him going out and pulling off each trick in ridiculously far-flung corners of the globe (Cuba, a Bombay red-light district, Brussels, an Austin computer- animation studio).
All previous members are cordially invited to attend.