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Journalism The correction of various errors on a final copy or ‘proof’; copy-editing is the responsibility of a work’s publisher and addresses grammatical, semantic, syntactic, and typographic errors; errors of content are the responsibility of the work’s author(s)
Molecular biology See Proof-reading
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Special thanks to Marcia Wynne Deering, whose dedicated volunteer work in copy editing and formatting this issue has done so much to make it possible.
Williams' review of John Lankford's book included an error introduced in Journal copy editing.
These were not changes of the basic copy editing variety.
The libraries-as-publishers scenario greatly underestimates the intellectual and other labor that goes into print publishing--soliciting manuscripts, working with authors, editing, copy editing, marketing, etc.
Last year, she left her copy editing job at a publishing company to work at home as a freelance editor and writer.
James's book flags in places (his accounts of the Nixon and Goldwater campaigns don't add much, for instance), his command of the language sometimes falters (someone is "fomenting at the mouth"; old Atlanta was "a polyglot of festering shantytowns"), and too many punctuation and spelling errors survived copy editing.
It really is a betrayal of a trust to publish a book for students (or for anyone, probably) that has not been subjected to rigorous copy editing.
The first offering in the program is the Mediabistro Copy Editing Certificate Program, which delivers extensive practical training through 6 online courses and access to Mediabistro's online learning and career resources.
Tenders are invited for Provision of professional editing services to FANTA, including copy editing of technical documents and substantive editing (reorganization and rewriting of technical content), including copy editing of text with graphics, tables, and images.
New Media Investment, whose July deal for $46 million to buy the Journal closed in September, has consolidated copy editing and page makeup for all its titles in Austin, Texas.
com)-- Proof Edit Me is excited to announce the launch of their new online service allowing you to get quotes for your editing, copy editing and proofreading needs instantly.
It's (whoops, make that "it is") a rare journalist in the bygone days of large copy editing staffs who (oh no, did I really say "journalist .