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One who arranges, organizes, or harmonizes.
[L. coordino, to put in order]
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A parenting coordinator shall maintain knowledge of all current statutes, court rules, local court rules, and court and administrative orders relevant to the parenting coordination process.
Last year, EZ Coordinator was voted the easiest-to-use real estate transaction management tool by real estate agents, brokers and transaction coordinators.
Weekend mornings at football stadiums might not seem like an obvious time and place to find recycling coordinators, but being adaptable is part of their job.
There is no room for argument when it comes to choosing a new general coordinator because it is part of practicing democracy," Ishaq told Daily News Egypt.
When Suganya Rajan succeeded Rosa Navarro as the Coordinator for the eight states of the Mid-Atlantic Region in January, 2007, she was new to farmworker health.
An alumnus, Angelo Gasca, was entering his third year as head coach after several years as an offensive coordinator.
Make first contact with your local family readiness coordinator (see "Military Contacts" sidebar on page 51), who can introduce you, if necessary, to the state family program administrator.
But a waiting list also means that the admissions coordinator must manage the needs, issues, and problems of those on the list.
When a staff member reports back to the lab coordinator (i.
This was clearly expressed in the following narrative by a local partnership coordinator who reported having already made substantial progress in establishing work-based learning opportunities for students:
Because the number of MDS forms to be completed would increase, it was necessary to add a full-time MDS coordinator position and secretarial support.
The use of the parent coordinator is described through the eyes of an attorney, a judge, and a parent coordinator.

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